Glazing Systems


Glazing Systems

As a company primarily established to assist other glazing contractors in their fabrication requirements, our factory is specifically designed and developed to undertake specialist fabrications from within the architectural glazing industry. Our key factory engineers have had extensive training on many architectural glazing systems, including:-

•Sapa (Glostal & Monarch Systems)

We are able to conduct most operations in house and have tight supplier relationships on any typical works subcontracted (i.e. polyester powder coating). We also operate a quality assurance programmed, which is based upon the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 1994. We primarily fabricate aluminum components however are able to provide a subcontract welding service on both mild steel and stainless steel components.

We have identified below some of the additional or glazing system specific operations we can undertake.

Please refer to our general fabrications page for general fabrication capacity information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding this service or to place your enquiry.


Glazing Systems Fabrication

There are many standard glazing systems available on today’s market, in addition to non-standard systems, which utilize a variety of standard stocked profiles. We cater for all types of fabrication, cutting, drilling, machining, tapping, notching and welding materials to your workshop drawings or as per the systems manual. We have a full understanding of architectural glazing systems. All of the materials supplied by Spectrum Aluminium Fabrications go through our quality control department prior to dispatch. This ensures that all components are dimensionally correct to drawing, clearly identified and wrapped appropriately for dispatch to site. We are often asked to fabricate:-

•Rafters, Mullions and Transoms
•Pressure Plates and Feature Caps
•System Spigots and Splice Plates
•Thermal Breaks and Clip-In Beads
•Gasket Carriers and Drainage Shoes

Glazing System Accessories Fabrication

We are specialists in the fabrication of architectural glazing systems, however we do fabricate bespoke glazing components using standard aluminium sections and sheet metal, readily available from most metal centre’s, such as:-

•End Plates and Joint Plates
•Bespoke Brackets
•Bespoke Spigots and Splice Plates
•Standard Angle, Box Section and Channel Components
•Insulated Panelling
•Down-Pipes (and other weathering accessories)

Samples, Trial Assemblies and Mock Ups

As part of a clients contracted requirement or perhaps for ease of mind over the design of more complicated structures, we are also able to provide quality samples for a contracts submission or trial assemblies and mock-ups to ensure the designed components work as intended. Trail assemblies and mock ups however, do require some installation information (and sometimes liaison) from our clients design team.

Polyester Powder Coating of Components

We are also able to organise a polyester powder coating service, which can offer any colour within the standard RAL and BS ranges (non standard colours maybe available upon request). We can polyester powder coat components up to 6m in length and provide a 6 year warranty as standard (this can be increased up to 25 years if requested at enquiry stage). As part of the finishing/despatch process components can also be low tack taped or bubble rapped if required.

Quality Control and Despatch

As part of our Quality assurance programme, all components (or a statistical number on larger contracts) are Quality Checked both during fabrication and once completed. Prior to dispatch all materials and components are appropriately protected using various types of packaging to ensure there is no damage in transportation. Our Quality Control inspector ensures all materials and components are clearly labeled with the contract reference numbers, the part/drawing number and the quantity.

All our factory engineers are proficient in the understanding of fabrication drawings and components are checked to the tolerances specified (typically +/- 1mm on whole numbers, +/-0.5mm on 1 decimal place and +/- 0.5 degrees on angles).

If you have any further queries regarding our subcontract fabrication options, please do not hesitate to review our general fabrications page or to contact us with your enquiry.