General Fabrication

General Fabrication

As a company primarily established to assist architectural glazing companies in their fabrication requirements, our factory has been specifically designed and developed to undertake specialist fabrications from within the architectural glazing industry. We do however offer our services to other market sectors and are often asked to fabricate or part fabricate many various components, including:- •Brackets •Structural Supports •Signs •Panelling •Architectural Picture Frames •Insulated Sandwich Panels •Window Grills •Work Benches •Work Trestles •Shop Displays We are able to conduct most operations in house and have tight supplier relationships on any typical works subcontracted (i.e. polyester powder coating). We also operate a quality assurance programme, which is based upon the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 1994. We primarily fabricate aluminum components however are able to provide a subcontract welding service on both mild steel and stainless steel components. We have identified for your perusal below the individual operations we can offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding this service or to place your enquiry.

Aluminium Welding

We are specialists in Aluminium TIG welding. Utilizing our Miller 350 LX AC/DC square wave welding plants we are capable of welding 20swg aluminium sheet up to ½” aluminium plate. Our welded aluminium fabrications range from one off small bespoke items up to large architectural structures spanning several meters in length, width and height. We welcome one off prototype work as well as repetitive production runs that are high in volume. Spectrum Aluminium Fabrications supplied 366 fully welded aluminium glazing frames, 3000 x 1000mm in size for BAA, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport. For an efficient and accurate service, our welding benches are machined and tapped for the use of studded bridging blocks. These assist in achieving tight tolerances and due to the increased efficiency of our welding facilities, we pride ourselves on a high quality, cost effective service.

Machining of Aluminium Components

We are able to machine engineering and architectural components. We have a Bridgeport mill that we use for machining precision components. In addition to the mill we have a copy router that we use for slotting and machining pockets out of aluminium extrusion and standard sections.

Cutting & Drilling of Aluminium Components

Our factory is fully equipped for the cutting and drilling of aluminium components. Our Graule ZS 200 N single headed saw is capable of cutting profiles as large as 500mm x 400mm in section. It can also produce single mitred or compound cuts and is capable of acute angles. With our double headed compound mitre saw, we are also able to increase the efficiency of cutting on larger contracts. All saws are calibrated and are either operated under a vernia or have guides and flip stop measuring gauges. Our notching saw is capable of producing notched details to the ends of bars, in addition to being able to provide simple splicing details in some applications. We are also able to drill and where necessary tap aluminium components. We primarily utilise geared pillow drills that have stops and guides fitted, however we also utilise high quality air and battery powered drills to increase efficiency where feasible.

Aluminium Sheet Metal components

Our factory is fully equipped to manufacture sheet metal components. With our CNC Safan Guillotine we are able to cut sheet metal up to 3100mm in length and to a maximum thickness of 6.35mm. This machine is programmed using a CNC control for accurate and efficient cutting of aluminium sheet metal. With our CNC Safan 80 Ton down stroke brake press we are able to fold sheet metal up to 3100mm in length and to a maximum thickness of 6.35mm. This machine is programmed using a CNC control for accurate and efficient folding of aluminium sheet metal. With our hydraulic corner notching machine and fly presses we are able to profile blanks quickly and accurately, prior to folding.

Polyester Powder Coating of Components

We are also able to organise a polyester powder coating service, which can offer any colour within the standard RAL and BS ranges (non standard colours maybe available upon request). We can polyester powder coat components up to 6m in length and provide a 6 year warranty as standard (this can be increased up to 25 years if requested at enquiry stage). As part of the finishing/despatch process, components can also be low tack taped or bubble rapped if required.

Quality Control and Despatch

As part of our Quality assurance programme, all components (or a statistical number on larger contracts) are Quality Checked both during fabrication and once completed. Prior to dispatch all materials and components are appropriately protected using various types of packaging to ensure there is no damage in transportation. Our Quality Control inspector ensures all materials and components are clearly labeled with the contract reference numbers, the part/drawing number and the quantity. All our factory engineers are proficient in the understanding of fabrication drawings and components are checked to the tolerances specified (typically +/- 1mm on whole numbers, +/-0.5mm on 1 decimal place and +/- 0.5 degrees on angles). If you have any further queries regarding our subcontract fabrication options, please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

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